The longest month of the year – October in a nutshell

Monday, 18 November 2019

Hellżbieta has come to Biała Małpa, where the premier of Pilica Brewery is happening in five taps. FaBryKant, Generał, MO.ES and Amber were there too.

I explained the etymology of the name and also he origin story of our Rye Stout in  the previous post, which I highly recommend reading.

We were taken thoroughly by surprise by October, well actually by Ania, the boss of Biała Małpa and of the magnificent Mexican bistro. Yummy! You’ll definitely have to check this place out.

But just so that you won’t think that’s all we did … a week later we were at the 7th edition of Silesia Beer Fest, this time organised in the Wilson shaft of the mine in Katowice. No rest for the wicked – the next weekend we were in the same place for the 5th Festival of Beer, Wine and Cider organised in conjunction with the Festival of Asian Cuisine. 

In the meantime, we worked on or latest beer, number 6. A beer with a graceful name – Magister. A must-have for every current or future Master’s degree holder, as the title “magister” in Polish means precisely that. Let’s get down to business! There were also experimental hops there, and other such things. I was there, I saw it all. Karczmiska Pierwsze, PolishHops. I checked everything out and analysed it carefully. And you know what was there? 100% Polish soil, 150% Polish rain, 200% Polish sun, and 300% the labour of Polish growers.  

So what do we get? Real Polish hops and as follows naturally … real Polish beer.  

And out came the patriotism which is deep inside of us. Indeed … did you know that in Pilica itself there was a serious local economy on an industrial scale? That’s right! There was a yeast manufactory, a paper mill, a malt house, an oil pressing plant, a textile factory, a distillery, a sabre manufacturing workshop, a brickworks, a starch manufacturing plant, and of course … a brewery, which existed up until the First World War. 

And this is strictly local patriotism, as whoever is not all familiar with Pilica typical passes it by without a second thought, racing off in the direction of, for example, Kraków in search of Polish history. Pilica is also a place where every traveller is welcomed with open arms, and the hungry are even fed. I urge you to stop and take a while to learn about our story.
A final word - October is the longest month of the year. We have an extra hour to enjoy life! You can, for example, during that extra hour enjoy an incredible beer, each his or her own particular favourite!

Cheers from Pilica!

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