Summer is here and August is flying by

Monday, 16 September 2019

Our fifth month is already behind us. Work keeps coming like grey hairs from stress.  

August witnessed the premier of Generał Brzoskwinia. A beer in the fruit ale style, with a dry body and subtly sour finish. Why? It was supposed to be sweet and peachy. But brewing beer with various additives is not so simple as it seems. It sometimes happens that in spite of pasteurisation, living organisms (yeast) remain in the beer which can cause refermentation. Not to mention the heatwaves which so pleasantly surprised us this summer. This is the source of beers which are described as “gushing”, that is with excessive gas, and “grenades”, or exploding bottles. We added a very large amount of peach pulp, but in the end changed the way in which we handle the fermentation of our beer. We are proud to say that in spite of everything, we managed to create a great beer, and we’re very pleased with the General.

Aha, and getting back to the General himself. We decided to introduce a brand hero. We would like to be associated with the General as a brewery. In short order, the story of the General will appear on our blog in the “Notes of Generał Brzoskwinia” section. Something nice to read, in a light-hearted mood. There will be, among others, a prologue with the backstory of the man with the lion’s-mane moustache. The idea for the character came up when we discovered quite by accident while poring through old books that General Aleksander Osiński, a senator of the Second Polish Republic, president of the Polish Red Cross, Major General in the Imperial Russian Army, and Division General of the Polish Armed Forces of the Second Republic awarded the Virtuti Militari order. I recommend getting to know the persona of General Osiński. He was an absolute inspiration for us. Our character is somewhat of a caricature and completely made up, but aims to highlight the pride we fell that someone so special came from Pilica.

But getting back for the second time to August, our presence at the Chmielaki Krasnostawskie event bore fruit in our victory in the competition for the best beer with strictly Polish hops varieties. Of course I’m thinking of our Polish IPA – MO.ES. That’s right! Polish IPA from Pilica Brewery is once again the first place winner in a beer competition. We returned home at five in the morning, tired as hell and happy as a lark. Thank you Krasnystaw for an amazing weekend.

Time flies, and September is inexorably dragging us in the direction of autumn. And along with that, we’ll soon see the premier of our next beers. Is there anyone here who can’t wait for the first dark beer from Pilica Brewery? Well, you’re sure to be satisfied, because soon we’ll have the first news about it.

Meanwhile, we’re returning to the battlefield, and as General Brzoskwinia says: Forward march! For Pilica!

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