With no scruples – news from June/July

Thursday, 1 August 2019

It was with no scruples that we began the month of June. Boom! We did it, diploma won! Exam passed! From now on I can call myself  certified brewmaster. Many thanks to the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Thanks also to the good people who I was privileged to meet, including the professors, the people of Sto Mostów Brewery, Profesja Brewery, Solipiwko Brewery, Złoty Pies Brewery, Michał Kopik, Maja Grab, Rafał Kowalczyk from Jabeerwalky Brewery, and if I’ve missed anybody please accept my apologies and let me know. Unfortunately, this adventure ended too quickly, so it’s time to start a new one, a practical one.  

With our imaginations aflame, now that we know the secrets of brewing, we can create, forge new beers. Any day now, we’ll be coming out with a new beer project and ATTENTION! a brand hero.  
All of the effort we put into this is to fight for the title of PRO. No tricks, it’s all or nothing. Of course within our abilities. As we develop, we plan more and more interesting surprises. The element of surprise is supposed to be important, isn’t it?!

Well, we’re working on it.
We wrapped up June with the Silesian Beer Festival in Katowice. The heat was unbearable, it was boiling in our black Pilica Brewery tent. It was an interesting festival, as it started as early as Thursday.   

A fine end to June and here we go into July. We’ve been working on launching our own brand shop and by the beginning of August it should be up and running and open to the public. Who wants a hoodie or shirt? Collector’s labels? Waffle coasters? Posters? That’s right! It will all be here!
Pilica is so important for us, that’s obvious. Together with a group of crazy people (crazy in a good way) we have created a cross-country, Nordic walking and MTB event.
8km on foot and 16km by bike.

In a year, if the wind fills our sails, we’ll be surprising you. We had a little discussion with the organisers. But wow, how many amazing people I met!  If you weren’t there, you’re square! The Polish Women’s Champion MTB XCO 2019 Anna Wajzer also took an interest in our event … and won! And how! It seriously worked out!
What are we doing in August? We’re preparing the premier of our new beer as I’ve mentioned already!
Our plans involve a few cities, but mainly Pilica. There in our current command centre, that is at Restauracja Pod Kolumnami. That’s where it’s all beginning!
So get busy!
Be seeing you!

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