This one is an ambitious plan

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Let’s start from the beginning – the artisanal brewery in Pilica is making a comeback. We are trying to revive traditions, but our main aim is to restore Pilica to its rightful place on the ma of Polish craft beers, a place that it fully deserves. It’s a place earned by several hundred years of brewing tradition, an unquestionable pedigree which includes plenty to brag about. But a brewery isn’t just a place, it’s people, too. It’s about them, for them, and thanks to them. That’s why we’ll be actively using social media to maintain constant contact, reporting on all the interesting events that we take part in. First Facebook and Instagram, where we cordially invite you not only to follow us, but also to interact with us.

Our brewery’s offer will comprise exclusively beers made of the highest quality natural ingredients. After all, what other way is there? The water must be beyond reproach, no question about it! The malt must be high class, the hops aromatic (as the main flavouring ingredient), and most importantly the yeast – full of character, delivering a wealth of flavours and aromas.

Each style of beer has its own rules, so what guarantee is there of the flavour and aroma of a genuine craft beer? The experienced and watchful eye of the brewmaster! We dig deep into the lore of the brewer’s art, observe and learn, and strive for excellence.

The process of brewing beer is a strictly natural one - no stage of the process is hurried, so that we can maintain the highest quality and value of the finished product. When brewing, we follow recipes that we’ve developed ourselves, over long hours or even days working out every detail, conscientiously, making no excuses. It’s important to us, because brewing is our passion.

And let’s remember – a brewery is not just beer. It’s a traditional craft, one which gives joy, which has been bringing people together for ages, even the most disparate and partisan groups of people.

We represent Poland and Polish traditions with pride.

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